Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Sweet Return

Hello Poland! Jestem tu :-) *okay teraz nieprawada! But I was when I started writing this post....

At the end of June when I was leaving Poland I spent a pretty horrific night attempting to sleep in Warsaw airport before taking my flight home.   When it eventually got to the time I had to go through security I went outside for a few final seconds, just to relish being there, thinking about it all.  I wondered how long it'd be before I'd be back there again.  I thought about that when I touched down in Gdansk last Friday morning, it wasn't so long and there I was.

The first thing I did after arriving in Gdansk (and taking a bus to the centre) was to find a kebab place! The taste of Poland!  Lovely.

I took a train to Torun soon after (still got on the wrong train with the wrong ticket - will never learn) but when I finally crossed the railway bridge over the Wisla and saw the river and the panorama I felt like I'd won something, really.  It was great to be back.

I spent my long weekend catching up with my old friends zubrowka and piwo.. and a few other people.  Ate all my favourite foods, went to my favourite places, and caught up with some of my favourite people.  When I left Poland in June I had no idea when I'd go back and see everyone, but leaving this time was easier knowing it really isn't over.  Being there too reminded me to keep on top of my Polish at home, after just a short time it's already degraded quite a lot, so must get on it and stop being so leniwa!

See you soon everyone, thanks for a zajebiscie weekend xx

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